Who are we?

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subsidiary of MSA The Safety Company, we combine over 100 years of safety equipment expertise with the speed and innovation of a software start-up. We are a diverse team of professionals from around the globe, unified by a common safety mission.


What do we do?

We relentlessly pursue customer needs so that we can create, refine, and expand safety software tools that help improve our customers’ safety awareness and outcomes.


Why do we do it?

We want to help our customers make tomorrow safer than today, so they can promote a safetyfirst culture and achieve an injury-free workforce.

We keep your information safe

We maintain a data privacy policy and protection system to ensure your information remains confidential. For more information, please access our privacy statement or contact us.


You control your data with access and encryption features.

We do not access or use your data without your consent.

Data protection

All data in transit is encrypted. Your data is then secured in the virtual private cloud. We also monitor it with AI-based anomaly detection for additional security.


We do not disclose your information unless required to do so by a legally binding order.