Our services are hosted in the cloud

What is the cloud?

It’s a place where data can be saved and processed on the Internet instead of on your computer or local server. In our case, we use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host and protect your data.

Why do we use it?

We build cloud-based solutions, because it helps us provide you with cost-efficient, flexible services.

Cost efficient

Installed software has hidden costs: server space, backups, IT support, and more. That’s not the case with cloud-hosted Grid services.

Flexible access

You and anyone you choose can log into your Grid account anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection.

Automatic updates

Our Grid team is constantly working to improve your Grid experience. Whenever an update is ready, we push it directly to your Grid account.

How does that help you?

Your detectors store a lot of data that, with the right lens, can provide you with unique safety insights. Grid services can be that lens.