Business Case Electricity Company in the UK

See how an Electricity Company has automated compliance management and set a new standard of gas detection safety in the UK market with MSA and the Grid services.

About the Company

Our customer is a public utility company that provides electricity and other services in the UK.

The Situation

Our Customer had a paper and spreadsheet-driven gas safety management process, which was ine￿cient and prevented the health and safety team from making data-driven improvements to their safety program.

The Opportunity

They needed to...

  • Increase gas detection management efficiency.
  • Increase detector compliance and worker accountability.
  • Increase visibility on team members who work in remote areas.

The Solution

They started to support their MSA ALTAIR® 4XR gas detector fleet with the Grid services, which allowed them to...

  • Digitize and automate compliance management and record keeping.
  • Enforce worker accountability and drive behavioral safety improvements.
  • Implement an active safety monitoring system and improve incident prevention and management response.

The Results

Working with the Grid Fleet Manager and Live Monitor services brought peace of mind to their safety team while optimizing their gas safety program. With the Grid services, they:

  • Reduced gas detection management time by 85%!
  • Achieved nearly 100% SOP accuracy!
  • Increased everyone’s on-the-job safety focus and confidence.

“Working in utilities for so many years, I’ve seen many accidents and that is why gas safety is personal to me. Being in charge in this industry has given us many sleepless nights. Safety io Grid services has given us peace of mind that our team is safe”.


“Our Grid account took the spreadsheet and the guess work out of our gas safety program and brought in visibility and actionable insights. Now our team can focus on the job knowing that they are protected with MSA gas detection that’s ready for work.”

-Director of QHSE

This story is not unique.

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