Business Case Energy Management Company in France

See how a digital transformation and energy management company in France upgraded its gas safety program with the Safety io Grid Fleet Manager for automated compliance management.

The Situation

Our customer had a fleet of portable gas detectors composed of devices of two different brands, what made difficult to optimize fleet management. Besides not being confident with the performance of one of the detectors brands, fleet compliance management was an issue. The maintenance of the fleet was done by an external supplier whose calibration and maintenance reports and certifications did not meet their internal safety polices.

The Opportunity

When researching for a solution, they found at MSA and Safety io the perfect partners to help them:

  • Have durable detectors, trustworthy detectors across the fleet.
  • Automated detectors compliance management
  • Increase gas detection management efficiency while installing it in house.
  • Be confident that the devices are compliant with internal and external polices.
  • Have peace of mind that the detectors are working properly, and their workers are safe.
  • Have a gas detection solution that supports live monitoring.

The Solution

Our customer:

  • Uniformized its fleet of gas detectors to MSA ALTAIR®
  • Set up MSA GALAXY® GX2 automated test station to simplify bump test and calibration procedures and to have full autonomy on that process.
  • Integrated Safety io Grid Fleet Manager to ensure automated record-keeping for all the equipment testing.

The Results

With a detection program supported by MSA ALTAIR® detectors, GALAXY GX2 test banks and Grid services, our customer:

  • Ensures that the detectors are compliant, working properly and ready for the job.
  • Is confident that the detectors comply with internal and external safety policies.
  • Reduced the time to test the equipment (device downtime) by 80%.
  • Reduced costs with detectors maintenance by 50%

“The Grid Fleet Manager helps me to make sure that my fleet of gas detectors is compliant with external regulations and internal health and safety polices. It also helped me to provide our organizations with important cost savings at the same time we reduced equipment downtime for maintenance” 

Gas Safety Coordinator

“Gas detectors touch the health and safety of workers. The Safety io Grid services provide the assurance we need that our detectors are compliant and performant.

Director of Continued Improvement

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