Grid Fleet Manager is a web-based service to streamline your gas detection fleet management. It helps you regain control of your detection program so you can shift your focus to your broader safety goals.

  • Take action on safety and maintenance concerns
  • Drive worker accountability with insights from your data
  • Comply with OSHA record-keeping requirements (where applicable)


Which detectors work with Grid Fleet Manager?

It supports the following MSA equipment:

  • Any detector in the ALTAIR family
  • GALAXY GX2 automated test system

How does Grid Fleet Manager work?

Do you use MSA Link Pro software?

Link Pro is discontinued and is no longer supported by MSA or Safety io.


Switch from Link Pro to Grid Fleet Manager!

  • We securely back up your data every hour.
  • We improve it regularly based on your feedback.
  • We handle the updates (not your IT team).
  • You can share access with anyone you want.
  • It’s available anytime, anywhere via the Internet.
  • It’s fully supported by MSA and Safety io.
  • And more…