Success Story Fredericton Fire Department

Fredericton Fire Department simplified gas detector compliance and management with MSA Grid Fleet Manager service.

About the Fredericton Fire Department

The Fire Department of the city of Fredericton in Canada responds to a variety of emergencies across its four stations, including events involving hazardous materials, where MSA gas detectors play a critical role.

About David McKinley

With over 32 years of experience, David McKinley is the Assistant Deputy Chief at the Fredericton Fire Department and has been a HazMat technician for 28 years. He is also an executive board member of the New Brunswick Association of Fire Chiefs and Vice Chair of the Canadian National Advisory Council to the CAFC.

The Situation

Portable gas detectors help firefighters identify hazardous gases and oxygen deficiency, but with fire stations and equipment spread out across the city, there was no high-level visibility on critical fleet maintenance and compliance information.

The Opportunity

The Fredericton Fire Department wanted to...

  • Improve detector compliance and accountability, ensuring detectors were tested prior to use.
  • Proactively manage detector health and availability by increasing visibility on fleet status and inventory.

The Solution

The City of Fredericton Fire Services adopted MSA Grid Fleet Manager so they could monitor all the maintenance and compliance aspects of their detection program, including detector use, bump and calibration tests and sensor life warnings.

The Results

With the Grid Fleet Manager, the department has complete visibility and can…

  • Be aware off and act on maintenance concerns proactively, including:
    • Sensor life warnings
    • Calibration gas availability
  • Easily control which stations had which detectors for accountability purposes.
  • Make sure detectors are compliant and are being tested as specified.

“With Grid Fleet Manager, I have a higher level of confidence that the fleet of gas detectors are operating properly, because I have full control of my detector inventory and I’m always aware of maintenance concerns.”

David McKinley - Assistant Deputy Chief at the Fredericton Fire Department

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