Business Case Alabama Power Company

See how Alabama Power Company remotely monitors detectors across multiple facilities and has an industry-leading gas detection program with MSA and the Grid.

About Alabama Power Company

As a subsidiary of Southern Company, Alabama Power Company generates and supplies electricity to 1.4 million homes, businesses and industries in the state of Alabama.

The Situation

At Alabama Power, compliance with internal and external safety and health regulations as well as company policies is very important, but also time-consuming. This prevented the safety and health team’s from providing a world-class workplace for its employees. As just one example, to prepare for an audit, with an unconnected gas meter system they spent nearly 100 hours retrieving bump and calibration tests data from multiple gas detectors within different departments.

The Opportunity

  • Spend less time managing detectors while improving safety and health compliance
  • Access gas detection information more conveniently and consistently
  • Elevate worker health and safety, as well as trust in the gas detection system

The Solution

As an MSA gas detection user, Alabama Power was also an early adopter of MSA Link Pro software, installing it soon after it launched in 2013. At the time, Link Pro provided on-site access to their detector data, but the Alabama Power team recognized that the new web-based Safety io Grid Fleet Manager service could help them improve their safety awareness and process. Having access to Fleet Manager via the Internet allowed the team to log into the services at any time and from anywhere.

The Results

Upgrading from MSA Link Pro to Safety io Grid Fleet Manager empowered the health and safety team to streamline their gas detection program while also freeing up time to focus on more valuable safety and health activities. How?

  • Whether on or off-site, the team can confidently manage its detection program and know their coworkers are protected by detectors that are ready for duty.
  • The team can better understand when and how gas detectors are being used to provide the best training and knowledge related to detector use.
  • Compliance and world-class gas detection management is easier than ever, because of Fleet Manager’s integrated real-time data access, automated notifications of needed actions, ability to oversee a geographically spread out fleet of gas detectors and report sharing capabilities.

"The Grid platform is easily accessible and really simplifes my day, allowing me to remotely monitor detectors across multiple facilities. My team and our colleagues in the field can focus on the job knowing the MSA equipment has our back. The Grid provided an intuitive turn-key solution for our gas detection program."

Andy Perkins,

Senior Industrial Hygienist Alabama Power Company.

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