Business Case ASCONSA

See how ASCONSA helps a chemical plant in Spain streamline its gas detection management by implementing the Grid Fleet Manager service.


ASCONSA is safety solution provider located in the Asturias region of Spain. They are an MSA gas detection solution and maintenance service supplier.

About the end customer

ASCONSA´s customer is a chemical industry in the north of Spain that provides solutions for the food and health industries, and cleaner, bio-based solutions.

The Situation

ASCONSA has been serving this customer for 30 years. The end customer has always been fully satisfied with the MSA detectors and the service level provided by ASCONSA but managing the fleet of detectors was a challenge as they had very little information of the fleet health status and alarm activities.

The Opportunity

The end customer needed a solution to:

  • Improve the overall fleet management
  • Increase awareness and have better control of gas detectors maintenance concerns
  • Guarantee detector uptime

The Solution

ASCONSA proposed to their customer the Grid Fleet Manager services so they could streamline all aspects of the management of their fleet of portables, specifically:

  • Avoid equipment downtime by taking a proactive approach towards maintenance concerns.
  • Have full visibility and awareness on alarms

The Results

With a gas detection program supported by the Grid services, ASCONSA´s customer:

  • Reduced the time spent with gas detector fleet management by 60%.
  • Automated gas safety compliance management.
  • Stays ahead of maintenance concerns with proactive system notifications.

“When the customer is happy with the solutions and services provided, the commercial relationship improves proportionally."

Carlos Gonzales

Development Technical and Commercial Department at ASCONSA

"Our main goal is to offer our customers practical solutions for their day-to-day challenges. When we see that this objective is fulfilled, we feel that we are doing our job well. Providing the Grid Fleet Manager to our customers is one of these moments."

"In partnering with MSA and Safety io, I’m impressed by the service level we received. I was awed by the level and agility with which the answers were provided. I really appreciate the way we worked as team to serve the customer."

Carlos Gonzales

Development- Technical and Commercial Department at ASCONSA

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