Business Case Asheville Water

How a Water Resources Department gained operational agility and saved money with the Safety io Grid services.

About the City of Asheville Water Resources Department

Asheville Water operates 3 water treatment plants and provides clean water to over 120,000 people. Its mission
is to manage and protect community resources and to provide the highest quality of water service to its customers.

The Situation

To support that mission, Asheville Water saw an opportunity to use department data to simplify time-consuming, tedious tasks so it could focus its efforts on more meaningful organizational goals. As they examined their processes and equipment, their gas detection program emerged as an ideal candidate for optimization.

The Opportunity

Asheville Water wanted to:

  • Reduce time spent gathering, consolidating, analyzing and reporting on data from multiple detectors, calibration banks and locations.
  • Improve gas detection accountability and ownership by workers.
  • Increase detector uptime and reliability.

The Solution

Asheville Water adopted Safety io Grid Fleet Manager service so they could:

  • Consolidate all detector information in one place that the team could access – from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Manage important aspects of their gas detection program, including detector use, compliance and maintenance, quickly and directly.
  • Provide accurate, relevant and timely information to different stakeholders across the organization.

The Results

With a gas detection program supported by the Grid Fleet Manager service, Asheville Water...

  • Reduced the time they spent managing detectors by 60%!
  • Used those time savings to focus on a critical ISO certification.
  • Simplified detector accountability and reporting.

“Because of our Safety io Grid account, we know our detectors are ready for work, and we can verify that workers are using them properly – all in a fraction of the time we used to spend! To top it off, their customer service team is exceptional. I’d recommend Safety io to anyone with a detection program.”

Noel K. Campbell II,

Business Service Specialist at City of Asheville Water

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