Business Case Cappagh Browne Utilities

See how Cappagh Browne streamlined their gas detection program and increased safety awareness with the MSA Grid Fleet Manager.

About Cappagh Browne Utilities Limited

Cappagh Browne Utility Limited is a utility construction infrastructure provider that services utility asset owners in the UK to help keep the Southern region wastewater network flowing. 

About Jeff Birtwhistle

Jeff Birtwhistle is the Managing Director of Cappagh Browne Utilities Limited. In this role, Jeff embarked upon a continuous improvement programme which has resulted in over 80 innovations, initiatives and or improvements that transformed the safety, quality, and operational efficiency.

About Matthew Miles

Matt Miles is the Sussex District Supervisor at Cappagh Browne Utilities Limited. He is responsible to ensure that workers are safe and productive.

The Situation

Cappagh Browne relies on portable gas detectors to make sure workers are safe on site. But with stand-alone units, they don't have convenient access to critical fleet maintenance and compliance information or to whom the detectors are assigned. Furthermore, manually managing the fleet of detectors was challenging as controlling detectors health and maintenance cause many distractions, interruptions, and downtime.

The Opportunity

Cappagh Browne wanted to...

  • Remote monitor the wellbeing of their employees and have full visibility on safety concerns so to improve their safety program.
  • Streamline gas detection management and reduce detector downtime.

The Solution

  • Cappagh Browne set up MSA GALAXY® GX2 automated test stations in multiple counties so that team members could easily bump or calibrate their detectors, reducing detector downtime for servicing and maintenance.
  • They adopted Grid Fleet Manager so they could monitor every aspect of their detection program, including detector use, alerts, compliance, and maintenance.

The Results

With the MSA gas detection program supported by the MSA ALTAIR® detectors, the GALAXY GX2 test banks and Grid services…

  • Increased gas detector uptime and simplified gas detection fleet management by:
    • eliminating the calibration and bump test service
    • reducing the time spent managing the fleet of detectors
    • Increased safety awareness of teams in the field and at the office, supporting the continuous improvement of their safety program.

“Since we´ve been using the Grid Fleet Manager, we are much more confident that our guys are working in the field safely.”

Matt MilesSussex District Supervisor at Cappagh Browne Utilities Limited


“The MSA Gas Detection solution goes way beyond informing the worker of an exposure at the scene.  The Grid Fleet Manager is a great tool that helps drive our safety improvement journey.”

Jeff Birtwhistle
Managing Director at Cappagh Browne Utilities Limited

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