Business Case Metropolitan Sewer District of Buncombe County

The Metropolitan Sewer District of Buncombe County (MSD) uses the Grid services to centralize, streamline, and proactively manage all aspects of their gas safety program, including maintenance, user training, and OSHA compliance.

About the Metropolitan Sewer District

The MSD provides wastewater services to over 56,000 customers in Buncombe County, North Carolina. To deliver quality services to the population, they manage a significant amount of manpower and equipment.

The Situation

The MSD takes worker safety seriously and are constantly looking for opportunities to improve. As a 10+ year user of MSA gas detection equipment, the MSD knew they could trust the detectors, but they suspected that more could be done to ensure accountability for those detectors from a compliance, maintenance and training perspective. For that reason, they approached MSA to see how they could get more from their gas detection program and also uncover operational efficiencies.

The Opportunity

MSD wanted to:

  • Centralize the management of their entire gas detection program, including:
    • fleet usage, performance and maintenance
    • incident and compliance record keeping
  • Understand when and how gas detectors were used so they could deliver the targeted training to their workers.

The Solution

The MSD safety team implemented the Grid Fleet Manager service from Safety io. By connecting their MSA GALAXY GX2 automated test banks to their Grid account, the team was able to monitor their entire gas safety program from a single platform – regardless of where they happened to be working that day – and instantly access critical information that drove greater visibility, accountability, and program effectiveness.

The Results

The Grid Fleet Manager empowered the MSD team to...

  • Proactively manage their detector fleet and confirm those detectors were ready for work.
  • Better understand if detectors were used correctly and, if not, quickly identify who needed to be trained.
  • Review incident reports and discern how to improve their gas safety procedures.
  • Be prepared for (un)planned OSHA inspections and internal audits

"I have more than 20 years of gas safety experience, and I have never seen our gas detection program impacted as quickly or significantly as what the Grid Fleet Manager service has provided. Grid Fleet Manager gives our team the ability to manage our detection program from one place and reduces the time and efort it takes to do it. I defnitely recommend the Grid to anyone in charge of gas safety.”

Sandra Moore

EHS Technician at MSD of Buncombe County

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