Business Case Middlesex Centre Fire Services

See how the Middlesex Centre Fire Services (MCFS) simplified and improved its gas safety program with MSA ALTAIR® detectors and the Safety io Grid Services.

About Middlesex Centre Fire Services (MCFS)

MCFS consists of five fire stations. Its professional firefighters are trained and equipped to save the lives and property of the residents of the Municipality of Middlesex Centre.

About Colin Toth

Colin is the Director of Emergency Services - Fire Chief at MCFS. His Fire Service career started in 1993 with the Canadian Armed Forces. Since 1993, Colin has worked for many fire departments across Canada and abroad.

The Situation

As a Chief Director of the Fire Department, Colin follows health and safety regulations to ensure his team is safe. One key to his team’s safety is their gas detection program, but the solution they were using had many shortcomings.

  • The detectors were difficult to operate, so even simple tasks like calibration and data collection devolved into very frustrating experiences.
  • The detectors were unreliable and expensive to maintain because they weren’t durable enough for the job.
  • The detector fleet was distributed across nearly 600 square kilometers, which meant Colin wasted a lot of time running from one station to the next to gather detection information via pen and paper.

“As firefighters, we need solutions that are simple, durable and that we can trust to keep us safe.”

The Opportunity

Our customer wanted to...

  • Streamline fleet management and reporting.
  • Reduce detector downtime
  • Reduce time and costs with repair and maintenance.
  • Provide firefighters with easy, reliable detectors.

The Solution

MCFS’s safety equipment supplier introduced them to MSA and Safety io solution, and MCFS knew it was the right fit because...

  • The well-known MSA ALTAIR device durability would reduce repair and maintenance time and cost.
  • Safety io Grid Fleet Manager would allow them to manage all aspects of their fleet compliance more efficiently.

“The purchase process with MSA and integration with Safety io Grid was seamless with great support at all times.”

The Results

Their investment paid for itself in only a few months:

  • The ALTAIR detectors and the Grid services were so easy to use that implementation and training took a matter of days.
  • With more durable devices, maintenance cost was reduced by nearly 100%.
  • The fast-responding XCell® sensors responded at least 3X faster in a CO exposure incident versus their previous solution, proving its reliability and winning the trust and respect of the entire team.
  • They realized a 95% time reduction in fleet compliance and reporting activities.
  • Automated maintenance notifications allowed MCFS to be proactive and guarantee detector readiness.

“With the Grid Fleet Manager, our gas safety program runs smoothly. It is not only about budget and compliance. It is about making sure my team is safe. Being able to add a layer of safety using the Grid is priceless.”

“MSA has well-known reliability throughout the industry. The Safety io Grid Services saves us lots of time and cost, and it gives me full visibility of all our units and information any time I need it. With MSA and Safety io gas detection solution, I know my firefighters are safe"

Colin Toth,

Director Of Emergency Services

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