Business Case Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant

How a nitrogen fertilizer plant in the USA is going beyond compliance with the Safety io Grid Services.

About the Nitrigen Fertilizer Plant

Our customer refines petroleum and manufacture nitrogen fertilizer at locations across the US Midwest. Due to the inherent danger associated with their work, safety excellence is more than just a core value; it is a key contributor to bottom-line results.

The Situation

Inspired by this commitment to safety, the Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant Safety Department was looking for ways
to continue to improve worker safety while also driving down operational costs. As they examined their processes and PPE, the gas detection program stood out as a high- potential opportunity.

The Opportunity

Our customer wanted to...

  • Eliminate in-house spending on calibration compliance services, because those resources could manage other plant needs.
  • Improve accountability for daily gas detector preparedness and use.
  • Closely manage rental detector use and spend during site maintenance periods.

The Solution

  • They set up MSA GALAXY® GX2 automated test stations at the plant so that team members could easily bump or calibrate their detectors each day before heading to work.
  • They adopted Safety ioTM Grid Fleet Manager so
    they could monitor every aspect of their detection program (including detector use, alerts, compliance, and maintenance) from anywhere with an internet connection.

The Results

Their investment paid for itself in the first year!

With a detection program supported by GALAXY GX2 test banks and Grid services.....

  • The plant found a 60% reduction in detection program operational costs by...
    • eliminating the calibration service
    • reducing the time spent managing both owned and rented detectors
  • They increased safety awareness and accountability at the plant.

“Safety io’s technology made our job easier. With the Grid services, we have confidence knowing when our team’s devices are properly bump tested and calibrated. The software is a contributing factor to helping us achieve our safety goals.

Besides compliance, Safety io also provides us with important cost savings.”

Safety & Process Safety Manager

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