Business Case Oil Refinery USA

See how an oil refinery in the USA leveraged cloud-based Grid services to streamline the management of their gas detectors.

About the Oil Refinery

Our customer operates an oil refinery, where EHS is top priority reinforced by a zero-incident goal.

The Situation

As an MSA gas detection customer, our customer used MSA Link Pro software to manage gas detection fleet compliance. Although Link Pro provided on-site access to their detector data, it took them time to find the information they needed, and because of the way it was set up, access was restricted to a single computer.

The Opportunity

Our customer needed a solution to:

  • Simplify gas detector compliance management.
  • Decrease time managing detectors readings, maintenance, and reporting.
  • Increase visibility of their fleet status.
  • Store their gas detector data in a secure, budget-friendly environment.

The Solution

They adopted Safety io Grid Fleet Manager so they could:

  • Have visibility on every aspect of their detection program (including detector alerts, and maintenance concerns like sensor life warnings).
  • Automate compliance management.
  • Reduce the risk of data-loss by transferring the data from local data server storage to the cloud.

The Results

With a gas detection program supported by the Grid services:

  • Reduced the time spent with gas detector fleet management by 80%.
  • Automated gas safety compliance management.
  • Streamlined report sharing.
  • Stays ahead of maintenance concerns with proactive system notifications.
  • Ensures data security and access from anywhere thanks to the cloud-hosted approach.

“The Grid Services provide a very practical solution to manage my gas detector fleet. It´s easy to navigate, it has all the features I need to manage my fleet consistently.”

Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health Leader

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