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See how the Wyoming Refining Company uses data-driven insights from the MSA Grid services and the full MSA gas detection solution to help improve all aspects of their safety program.

About the Wyoming Refining Company 

With a processing capacity of 20,000  barrels per day and highly efficient operations, at  Wyoming Refining Company  the main goals are employee safety  and environment protection along with producing  quality products from local crude oil basins.

About Don Steveson

Don Steveson is the Process Safety Manager at the Wyoming Refining Company. With over 30 years' experience in worker health and safety, Don has been leveraging gas detection connectivity to streamline gas safety related processes and operations and improve safety outcomes.

The Situation

The Wyoming Refinery has trusted MSA gas detectors for many years and appreciates the reliability and durability of its ALTAIR® brand, though the company’s paper-based controls and reporting made gas detector maintenance and compliance challenging and time-consuming.

The Opportunity

The Wyoming Refining Company wanted to:

  • Automate record-keeping and reporting, eliminating pen and paper processes.
  • Monitor and ensure compliance across the fleet of portables.
  • Have access to data and data-driven insights to support process and safety procedures improvements
  • Help identify safety issues that come with potential employee exposures.

The Solution

  • They set up MSA GALAXY® GX2 automated test stations at the plant so that team members could easily bump or calibrate their detectors each day before heading to work
  • They adopted the MSA Grid Fleet Manager so they could have visibility and monitor every aspect of their detection program, including:
    • Detector use and exposures.
    • Maintenance concerns as sensor life warnings, device battery life, calibration gas availability.

The Results

With a detection program supported by the ALTAIR® detectors, the GALAXY® GX2 test banks and Grid services the refinery:

  • Reduced by 90% the time spend with record-keeping, data gathering and reporting-including being compliant with and always ready for OSHA inspections.
  • Improved their safety program:
    • Increased safety in confined space by taken insights from data and improving the confined space entry process and procedures.
    • Increased worker accountability by having visibility to worker behaviour and retraining them when needed.
    • The ability to use data from personal gas monitors to deeply investigate incidents and be able to improve safety outcomes.

“The MSA gas detection solution does not only provide me with trusted devices and helps me to streamline all aspects of my gas detection program making compliance management easy, but it also allows me to improve my safety program with data-driven insights”

Don Steveson - Process Safety Manager at Wyoming Refining Company

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