Business Case Trident Seafoods

See how Trident Seafoods streamlined every aspect of their gas detection program and increased safety awareness with the Grid Fleet Manager service.

About Trident Seafoods

Trident Seafoods Corporation harvests and markets seafood. Serving customers worldwide, our customer is committed to the protection of its communities and the safety of its workers.

About Jake Severyns

Jake Severyns has been Vessel Safety Manager at Trident Seafoods for more than 6 years. Jake and his team are responsible for the fleet of vessels of Trident Seafoods, which includes 42 vessels and 2 full-time shipyards. The Trident safety team work to keep workers and worksites safe through a combination of different safety tools including the MSA Gas Detection Meters, GX2 Banks and the Grid Fleet Manager.

The Situation

To guarantee gas safety in the shipyards, Trident Seafoods works with the MSA ALTAIR detectors and GALAXY GX2 test stands. Both safety teams and workers trust MSA detectors to keep them safe, though, maintaining and keeping compliance across a large of fleet of portables was challenging.

“Almost every working location in a shipyard has some sort of restrictions where we need to be able to monitor air quality. Whether that space is a confined space, potential hot work area or an area being painted, we need a trustworthy gas detection solution.”

Jake Severyns - Vessel Safety Manager at Trident Seafoods

The Opportunity

Our customer wanted to...

  • Have full visibility on gas readings, alarms, and gas exposures.
  • Be aware of maintenance concerns from detectors and test stands.
  • Monitor if calibration test systems are fully operational.
  • Move away from pen and paper record-keeping system.

The Solution

Trident Seafoods implemented the Grid Fleet Manager service, so they could manage all aspects of their gas detection program at any time with very little effort and from anywhere with an internet connection.

The Results

The Grid Fleet Manager service provided Trident Seafoods with a solid basis to realize gas safety and operations improvements:

  • Proactively address maintenance concerns, saving time and increasing detector uptime
  • Simplify compliance by automating the record-keeping system.
  • Increased safety awareness by having full visibility on alarms.
  • Peace of mind that calibration stands and detectors were fully operational.

“I trust the MSA gas meters. Connecting them to the Grid Fleet Manager helps us set a strong foundation for our gas detection program, guaranteeing that all the devices are working properly and making sure we have full visibility”

Jake Severyns

Vessel Safety Manager at Trident Seafoods

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