Cloud Software Service for Real Time Monitoring of Your MSA Portable Gas Detection Fleet.

As a safety manager or industrial hygienist, you have aggressive safety goals. You need to ensure that your workers and work sites are safe and compliant with government regulations and corporate safety policies.

Gas detection is a big part of your safety program and requires lots of attention, administrative activities and reporting— resulting in distractions that prevent you from accomplishing your larger safety objectives.

The Grid Live Monitor is a web-based, real-time alert management system for remote safety managers and control room operators. When every second counts, take informed action with the Grid Live Monitor.


Device Alert Awareness and Control

  • Real-time awareness of gas exposures and instrument readings
  • Online notifications of device concerns, man-down alarms and panic button presses
  • Live monitoring of employee location and movement with street and satellite view

Comprehensive Field Device Manager

  • Alarm notifications
  • Compliance, battery and sensor life alerts
  • Individual or group evacuation
  • Current detector readings
  • Employee contact details
Key Features Benefits
User-friendly web-based interface Intuitive and accessible 24/7 with an Internet connection.
Record keeping and reporting Quickly search equipment records for in-depth information about device status, test results, and alarms—and generate reports as needed.
Real time alerts See device readings and alarms as they happen.
Remote evacution Evacuate one or several workers without leaving your desk.
Real-time monitoring Real-time monitoring of employee location, movement, and instrument readings.
GPS location See employee location and movements based on GPS on employee phones.
Automatic updates Updates are automatic and IT-free.
Multiple locations management Manage as many devices across as many physical locations as you need with one Grid account.
Secure cloud environment Your data is stored in exclusive secure spaces to ensure and preserve data privacy and integrity.
User Interface
Supported Web Bowsers Latest versions of:
• Google Chrome
• Microsoft Edge
• Mozilla Firefox

HTML-5 Support with TLS 1.2 or higher and allow WinSocket (WSS://)
Grid Cloud Service
Certified ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified by an accredited third-party vendor
Access Controls Industry-standard verified user authentication. Optional SAML Authentication
Encryption in Transit HTTPS TLS, MQTTS x509 Private Certificate, AES-256-bit encryption
Encryption at Rest AWS Key Management Service (KMS) - AES-256-bit encryption
Data Backup Immediately backed up upon receipt.  Daily full backups.  Double backups.
Resilience AWS high availability, failover, and load balancing across 6 AWS Data Centers.
Compatible Gas Detection Hardware
Gas Detectors Supported MSA ALTAIR® detectors:
• MSA Hub
• io360
• io4
Phone (for ALTAIR 4XR and 5X Detectors)
Smartphone Android 5 or later operating system
• Cellular data service
• Bluetooth Service
• Location Service
App ALTAIR® Connect App (via Google Play Store)
MSA HUB (for ALTAIR io360 detectors)
WiFi • LAN WiFi Network with Internet Service
• WPA Personal Authentication
Grid App For configuration of io360 detectors and HUB:
• Mobile device with either:
- Android 5 or later mobile device
- iOS 8 or higher mobile device
•Mobile device must support Bluetooth LE

Safety io has an information security management system and a rigorous data privacy policy in place to make sure your information is safe.